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The need for Molecular/Serology Testing is necessary for the ability to decrease CIR (Contagious Infectivity Rate). Depending on when the testing is done and under what circumstances.

The need for Cheap, Accurate and Quick results is Paramount.

Currently there are no tests available that do all 3.

COVID Solutions has developed a cost effective way to get all 3 when the situation arises.

Plans & Pricing

Accurate – Quick – Cost Effective

** $59 price based on negative IgM antibody test, If positive will test again with different medical device. When positive IgM diagnosis is confirmed twice, will proceed with Molecular testing to confirm Covid-19 viral infection.

Who we are?

COVID-Solutions is the first US Company to bring mobile Onsite Covid Testing to your Business, School, or Organization. Testing choices can be confusing as each test has its Pro’s and Con’s. These tests help stop the spread of infection sooner by knowing outcomes earlier rather than later. This process allows for identifying individuals for immediate quarantine to help lower infection rate in a major way.


COVID Testing is necessary to slow down the contractibility rate. Positives Covid-19 results can be treated sooner. Negative Covid-19 can proceed with caution, while IgG positive’s will be permitted to go back to unrestricted work, school and lifestyle activities.


COVID Solutions has CLIA certified labs with trained healthcare professionals ready to handle asymptomatic scenarios in many different locations ranging from +25 -5,000 per day.

Our Purpose is simple! Flatten the Fear and Lower the Infection Rate as quick as possible!


We use both Molecular PCR and Serology Based Antibody Testing that gets you results in 10 minutes that can confirm the presence of COVID-19 virus and/or Covid-19 antibodies. These both PCR and antibody can confirm that an individual has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus and depending on the timeline of testing for each individual. The results of the IgM and IgG antibodies can inform healthcare professionals of the infectivity risk to others. In addition, these test results can aid in determining who may be eligible for convalescence plasma donation to be used as investigational treatment for those seriously ill from COVID-19. Longer term, as more clinical information becomes available, these serology test results may be used to help determine susceptibility to future infections.


This what is needed currently to get us back to our Lives, Livelihoods, and Lifestyles.

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Comparision of main type of COVID-19 tests

Choose to be part of the COVID Solution by getting people tested, reducing risk, and liability, thereby decreasing anxiety quickly while doing it cost-effectively. Please review the most up to date information by the Federal, State, and Local agencies below to help assist you in getting everything back on track.


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