Why Test with COVID-Solutions

Testing Beyond Symptomatic Yields an Applicable Plan of Action

COVID Solution gives you flexibility and Confidence by allowing you to not leave anything to chance with double screening tests and Corona Virus viral diagnosis all at one time.

COVID Solutions has the ability to test everybody at the same time on location at the best pricing on CLIA Certified Molecular and Serology Testing with Proactive and Reactive protocols.

Primary contributing factors to the spiking of Covid-19 cases are due to 45% of the people currently infected with the Corona Virus are contagious and not showing any symptoms combined with the virus mutations that have made Covid-19 10x more contagious.

Up to half of stealthy spreaders “feel fine” Today—but by the time they come down with the telltale cough, fever, and fatigue 3-10 days from now, they’ve potentially infected multitudes of people at school and work. Meanwhile, what could be an even more elusive bunch are people who are infected with the coronavirus but never, ever feel sick—make up 45 percent of infections in the United States, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The Experts now say we are in the middle of our 1st wave of Corona Virus.
The Corona virus has now mutated and is 10X more contagious that its original strain.
Up to 80% of individuals with Covid-19 aren’t even aware they even have the virus.
These individuals might be the most contagious in this period before the onset of symptoms.
This creates a median asymptotic/no symptoms figure of 45% that become the source of diagnosed COVID-19 Cases


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